Newsies - Letter from the Refuge Lyrics

Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical - Letter from the Refuge Lyrics

Dear Jack,
Greetings from the refuge
How are you?
I'm okay
Guess I wasn't much help yesterday
Snyder soaked me real good with my crutch
Oh yeah Jack, this is Crutchie, by the way
These here guards, they is rude
They say jump, boy, you jump or you're screwed
But the food ain't so bad 'least so far
'Cause so far they ain't brung us no food
I miss the rooftop
Sleeping right out in the open
In your penthouse in the sky
There's a cool breeze blowing
Even in July
Anyway, so guess what
There's this secret escape plan I got
Tie a sheet to the bed, toss the end out the window
Climb down, then take of like a shot
Maybe though, not tonight
I ain't slept and my leg still ain't right
Hey, but Pulitzer, he's going down
And then Jack I was thinking we might just go
Like you were saying
Where it's clean and green and pretty
With no buildings in your way
And you're riding palominos, every day
Once that train makes...
(Damn this place)
I'll be fine
Good as new
But there's one thing I need you to do
On the rooftop you said that a family looks out for each other
So you tell all the fellas for me
To protect one another
The end
Your friend
Your best friend
Your brother

[Thanks to Poppy for lyrics]

Newsies the Musical Letter from the Refuge Song Lyrics

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Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical Lyrics

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