MJ the Musical - SYNOPSIS

2022 Broadway
MJ the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Telling the story of Michael Jackson's life, MJ features over 25 of Michael Jackson's biggest hits.

"The show takes audiences behind the scenes as Michael prepares for the 1992 Dangerous World Tour, providing an in-depth look at his process. As Michael and his collaborators rehearse their epic setlist, we are transported to pivotal creative moments from his career."

Act I

The show starts with the cast members preparing for rehearsals for the upcoming Dangerous World Tour, during which the first show is in two days. Rob, their manager then tells them to get into their places and warm up. Michael Jackson makes his grand entrance and watches the process, which leads to an epic opening number. ("Beat It")

As MJ shares his new ideas with Rob, a woman called Rachel enters with her cameraman, Alejandro, in hopes of getting an in-depth interview with MJ (who hadn't been interviewed in 14 years). MJ sits with Rachel and recounts some of the terrors he suffered as a child and some of the memorable times when Berry Gordy played their hits on his Motown label.

As the interview carries on, MJ shares his collaboration with Quincy Jones, recording Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad together, and how Thriller remained No.1 in the charts for over a year. After Rachel and Alejandro leave, Rob and Nick escort MJ to a press-conference downtown, where he presents his tour and hopes to raise funds for his Heal the World Foundation by Christmas 1993. (Earth Song / They Don’t Care About Us).

Act II

Act II starts with MJ sharing his new ideas for the tour ("Billie Jean"/"Smooth Criminal"), which Rob and Dave tell him are impossible and that they cannot afford it. He starts to recount a horrific accident when a spark ignited his hair in the making of an advert for Pepsi-Co. After listening to Rob go on and on with negativity, he reminds him of what Quincy Jones said to him, "Keep the faith. Don't let nobody take you down".

As the rehearsal carries on, MJ tells Rachel how the songs open up to him. However, during a break, commotion starts breaking out. Rob tries to keep Rachel away from MJ and doesn't want her near him. However, MJ manages to find her by disguising himself as a cleaner and explains to her how it is the only way he can go in public, which leads to him singing "Human Nature".

After the rehearsal, MJ explains to Rachel how emotional he feels about being the King of Pop, being loved by millions of fans, and being teased in the newspapers. He tries to have it both ways by trying to blame everything sad and weird about himself on others (especially the press, who are equated with the zombies in "Thriller"), but credit him alone for his every good deed and success.

As Rob comes to check up on him, MJ recounts when he did the Apollo with the Jackson 5 and how he wasn't nervous. Rob tries to tell MJ how everything they created can be remembered for decades but he only replies by asking "Is it perfect", which starts the penultimate number, "Man in the Mirror".

The show ends with MJ appearing in the middle of the stage ready to start the first show of the newly-created Dangerous World Tour ("Jam (Reprise)", "Black or White" / "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Reprise)".

Songs: MJ the Musical Lyrics

MJ the Musical Lyrics

Beat It
Climb Ev'ry Mountain
I'll Be There
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough/Blame It on the Boogie/Dancing Machine
Stranger in Moscow
You Can't Win
I Can't Help It
Keep the Faith
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin
Earth Song/ They Don't Care About Us
Billie Jean
Smooth Criminal
She's Out of My Life
Human Nature
Bad/ 2 Bad
Man in the Mirror