Mythic - Ew! Lyrics

London 2017
Mythic the Musical - Ew! Lyrics

I'm not a dead little flower
Like, I'm a god with some power
Be by the pool in an hour
So while it's cold and dim
Like, how bad could it be?
Some guy is shrieking, don't sweat it
The ground is creaking, don't fret it
That corpse is leaking, forget it
That rotting flesh can't bother me

I'm gonna show them all who's someone
Act like a grownup, then become one
I'm gonna have this down pat
In two seconds flat
And help little-
Crap, what was that?

Ew ew ew
What is on my
Shoe ew ew
Like some kind of
Goo ew ew
Ew, it's sticky
Ignore it and push on through
Ew ew ew
Something scaly
Flew ew ew
Did it drop some
Poo ew ew
That's disgusting
Keep moving and push on through

CHARON: (spoken)
All aboard!

APHRODITE: (spoken)
Oh no, you're the creepy boatman!

CHARON: (spoken)
Not so creepy anymore,
I've got a whole new perspective on things. Come on, hop in

I might be sick
Oh this river is grimy
Was that a trick
Or did something swim by me
The water's thick

And delightfully slimy
Because it's made of human tears

I will conceal what's inside and keep going
Let things congeal as the boatman keeps rowing

CHARON: (spoken)
Oh, look, there's a eel!

And I say there's no knowing
But I'll ignore my stress and supress my fear

Gotta be braver and be sweeter
'Cause I owe it to Demeter
The mom that I never had
She's so not my dad
And man is she- whoa, that smells bad

CHARON: (spoken)
Here's your stop, kid

Ew ew ew
Lotta murky
Stew ew ew
Makes me wanna
Spew ew ew
Oh, that's pungent
Keep breathing and push on through

Ew ew ew
I am all
Askew ew ew
Now I need
Shampoo ew ew
P, I'm coming!
I just have to push on

You just have to push on

I just have to push on

You just have to push on

I just have to push on through

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