Marin Mazzie - A Sorta Love Song Lyrics

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Marin Mazzie - A Sorta Love Song Lyrics

You're a mess, never make the bed
You don't read, you'd rather watch cartoons instead
You eat beef jerky, think hockey games are fun
Wait, I've just begun

I'm afraid you're anything but neat
Your whole life is piled up in your car's backseat
You own a chainsaw, your clothes, they never match
Goodness, what a catch

My friends all say I'm crazy, they all tell me you're no good
But I'll be damned if you don't make me feel the way I didn't know I could

It's your smile, the devil in your eyes
How you're strong one minute, the next soft and shy
Your little dimple, those great big clumsy feet
God, you're just so sweet

Logic says to run now, play it smart don't be mislead
But for once I'm following my heart and not my head

So here goes, maybe I'm a chump
I'll just close my eyes then count to ten and jump
And pray you catch me 'cause I've been dropped before
But I've learned that love's a gamble,
There's a chance that I may fall
And although it's scary, but I'm gonna risk it all
It's one big crapshoot, no signs to lead the way
I'll take it day to day

So you're a mess
I guess that's pretty clear
But my life would really suck if you weren't here
So call me crazy but what else can I do

I'm in love with
self-conflicted, rarely dressed up,
sports addicted, sorta messed up, perfect you

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A Sorta Love Song Lyrics Marin Mazzie lyrics

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