Miss Saigon - Back in Town Lyrics

2014 West End Revival
Miss Saigon the Musical - Back in Town Lyrics

Coo-coo princess, look who's here
Your resurrected Engineer
Don't ask me how I tracked you down
Who has the sharpest nose in town?
I'm here to throw a rope before you drown

For men, will always be men
You change the regime
The lust doesn't stop
You and I will team up again
Together we'll reap
The cream of the crop

Engineer, I don't want you here
I gave up that life you must understand

Out that door is a big shot who waits
Like a pup to come up
And eat out of your hand
Kim, the good times are back

Don't go on
It's too late

Not too late for my star!

Please let me hide in peace

Better to screw the police
Enter, monsieur commissar

(THUY enters)

Three years I've been away
I kept faith we would meet

Me, I found her for you

You, out in the street

(the ENGINEER and the others leave)

I knew in time faith would weave a design
Tying your life and mine into one
Each day I'd wait
Like a soldier must wait
Trusting victory to come with the sun
After the fight in the still of the night
I would picture my bride, bright as jade
You'll be my wife
We will build a new life
And fulfill the vow our fathers made

My father's vow I can't honor today
And I pray in my heart he'll forgive
What you want now are some words I can't say
If I lied to you how can I live?

Don't say anymore!
Not a word!
You can change
You can learn
Look at me
Don't decide too soon

Somewhere deep in my soul
Shines the smallest of lights
And no wind blows it out
It burns steady and strong
Through the darkest of nights

Dju vui vay
Yu doi my
Dju vui vay
Vao nyay moy

I made a promise once with these words
Which neither time nor distance has changed
He will come to me, still

You must be mad, your american jack
Has gone for good and he'll never come back
They ran away with the skin they could save
The ones who stayed here are dead in a grave

(the ENGINEER re-enters)

Come on now, princess, get off your cloud
I'm sorry, sir, she was talking so loud
The commissar is a powerful man
A girl with brains makes a life where she can
Princess remember your place
Don't make people lose face

Why do you look away?
I can end all this shame
All you need say is, "yes"

(from outside, soldiers are heard marching by)

You hear those soldiers out there
They'll do whatever I say

I cannot change how I feel!

Come inside!
I think you can change before my eyes

This me-my has just been found
She hid the day we closed the bars
Show her that we don't forget
No one is cured here without scars

You are a woman who lived without shame

You're an infection left over from war

You have dishonored the national name

Re-education will cure the disease

You must be shown what we do to a leach

See how we teach an American's whore

I have heard hundreds of speeches like these
Take it from me you don't want to hear more

It's time to act
My friends it's time

Her face betrays her crime
She must pay, and her partner too

Get out!!
Everybody out!!

Are you waiting for them to kill me?
Did you not get what he said?
There's a big screw loose inside you
I will rip it out of your head

That's a mad dog on the rampage
If you think he'll change, save your breath
Just say "yes", I don't care if you love him
Princess, life has it all over death!

I have a husband I love
Real as the sun in the sky
I cannot live with a lie

Do you see now who has the power?
Do you still think crazy things?

Chris will come to me like the Phoenix
And he'll take me off on his wings

You're a traitor to your country

If I am, then let it be

I am talking of life or death now
I am talking of staying free

So there it is now, I'll be moving on
If you don't need me, I'd rather be gone
Two kids in love don't need strangers around

You just get out!

Right! I won't make a sound

(grabs his sack and exits)

And as for you, come with me


There is a secret
That you don't know
There is a force here
I never show
You say it's treason
To keep my vow
season after season
I survived somehow
If you want the reason
I will show you now


(TAM comes out from behind the curtain and runs to KIM)

Look, Thuy, this is my son
He has kept me alive
Now you see why
I must tell you "no"

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Back in Town Lyrics Miss Saigon the musical

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