Hot Mess In Manhattan - The Text Message Song Lyrics

Off-Broadway Musical
Hot Mess In Manhattan - The Text Message Song Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Drew Gasparini)

There was a time when life seemed better,
The sky seemed bluer, the sun seemed redder,
My skin felt newer, my lips felt wetter,
Manhattan could freeze, but no need for a sweater.
Because I had someone, and he was perfect,
yes I had someone.
My loneliness was gone, cos' I had someone,
who held up my world, and carried me close.
That someone, was John.

Until that skank from his office,
convinced him to dump me,
And everything we had,
like she was better.
So without any notice, no lunch,
Not a phone call, no email, not even a letter.
He was no longer mine.
So for you men, No!, you boys
With your stupid smelly faces
Allow me to give your best lesson,
Never dump a crazy girl from New York,
With a text message.

This is no time to LOL, oh well,
could have been worse.
I know its hard to believe,
But I still have that message saved.

Kate, I hate, how much you talk when we're together.
(said) Spelled with friggin' two.
BTW's I like Laura now
(said) Laura, the skank.
And stop calling her a skank
(said) well she is
We've only dated six weeks
(said) and a half
The whole time I just wanted to shout
That we're over, cos' we're over
And he ends it with Seacrest out out.
No! no! I'll show him I'm not a mess
How can I respond to him in a 100
characters or less.

Dear DB, DB stands for douchebag,
Why don't you GSB, grow some balls,
Cos' in the walls of my mind in
The halls of my mind there is no room for you at all.
So do your thing, I won't stop you,
cos' I know that I'll be a sensation,
when I, S U Y B F S H T Y Y L O A Y S I L D
I'm sorry, translation,
Sex Up Your Best Friend So He Tells You
You Lost Out And You Sink Into Lonely Depression.
Oh John, BTW's, SM. translation: size matters.

[Thanks to Ciara McLaughlin for lyrics]
[Thanks to Victoria Garcia for corrections]

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The Text Message Song lyrics Hot Mess In Manhattan

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