Du Barry Was A Lady Lyrics

1943 American musical comedy film
Du Barry Was a Lady - Du Barry Was A Lady Lyrics

Back in the 18th century when romance was in bloom
And Louis XV wasn't just a sofa in a room
A simple little country girl who knew a thing or two
Got very, very chummy with His Majesty, King Lou

The people disapproved of her in no uncertain tone
Still, they'd agree that Madam D was a power behind the throne
Behind her back, they called her names.
On that we will not tarry
But to her face, with elegant grace,
They said Madame Du Barry
Madame, Madame, they said Madame Du Barry

Pеrhaps she was a gorgeous little hussy from Bordеaux
But there's one thing we positively absolutely know

Du Barry was a lady
No matter what they may say
Du Barry was a lady
The fairest gal of her day

She had to pull no strings for the King's blessing
He fell in love with her French dressing

To marry this Du Barry was every nobleman's goal
And put them all together they'd fill the Hollywood Bowl
I couldn't tell you how, but she got along
And if she was no lady,
Fifty million Frenchmen were wrong
Though she started out in squalor
And though her past was shady
You can bet your bottom dollar
She ended up a lady
Du Barry, Du Barry was a lady

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Du Barry Was a Lady

Du Barry Was A Lady
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