Calendar Girls - Yorkshire Lyrics

2017 West End
Calendar Girls the Musical - Yorkshire Lyrics

Song from "Calendar Girls the musical" is titled "Yorkshire" and is written by Tim Firth and Gary Barlow.

Monday ten past eight
The seven-thirty bus to school is late again
Stuck behind a tractor somewhere up the hill
Angry schoolkids are texting don't appreciate the mist
That's hovering on the river but one day you hope they will
Dodge around the truck that drove the hours
From Amsterdam to Yorkshire full of flower
Where the guy buys the same bouquet
The wife had a wedding day
One more year in Yorkshire
January February April and September and July
Keep growing Yorkshire
Where all the fields are green the day don't seem change
The season come and go the yesterday don't change
Ten thirty when Wednesday in the tea shop
The retired head mistress from the infant school
Tries to beat her husband to crossword clues,
Says hi to the sisters buying flowers for the war memorial
Takes three hours to choose the ones they always choose
Seven forty-five Saint Wilfred's Choir
Try again to handle the messiah
With the sisters who appear
And sing to quietly to hear.
One more year in Yorkshire,
January February April and September and July,
Keep growing Yorkshire,
Where all the fields are green the day don't seem change
The seasons come and go and rise and fall.
What will be will always be
The village green the chip shop tea,
The bowls the bus the kissing gates
And stepping stones that form the router
Until the women's institute
One year in England.
Yorkshires just like Devon just
Like march is just like Norfolk and July
North Yorkshire Norfolk Suffolk Kent west Yorkshire
Cornwall shropshire Devon Worcestershire Northumberland,
Wait September standing here
same place as we stood last year
And next year we'll be standing on this green and pleasant land
To spend one more year in Yorkshire,
Isn't it strange to be standing here knowing
That after all these years, keep rolling Yorkshire
The seasons come and go the days don't seem to change,
Love is the love is the love,
Love is the love is the onwards and
Forever in a green and pleasant land

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