Come From Away - On The Bus Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Come From Away the Musical - On The Bus Lyrics

Climb aboard!

Hop right in, me ducky!

Let’s get you where you’re going.

You’ve all seen the airport.
Used to be the busiest airport in North America.
Planes used to stop here to gas up from everywhere.

Whoo! Frank Sinatra, Albert Einstein--

Mohammed Ali

The Queen!

Then they invented jet planes
that can get across the ocean on one tank--

So there’s no need to refuel anymore.

Leavin’ us with this giant airport.

Now there’s the reason I drive slow.

That there in the middle of the road?

Yah. That’s a moose.

She’ll move when she’s good and ready.

Mind if I sit here?

Oh, hello Nick! I thought we’d lost you.

No, I just needed to get an emergency prescription.
Nothing serious.
It’s not like “Oh, my god, he’s off his medication!”
I’ll stop talking now.

It’s fine.

Any news yet about your husband, who was flying today?

My--no. Do you mind if we just don’t talk about that?
I haven’t been able to get to a phone.

I’m sorry.
I’ll help you find a phone as soon as we get--wherever we’re going.

[Thanks to Audrey for lyrics]

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On The Bus Lyrics from Come From Away the Musical

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