Call Me Madam - SYNOPSIS

1950 Broadway
Call Me Madam the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Sally Adams, a wealthy widow from Oklahoma, lives in Washington, D.C., where she is known as "the hostess with the mostest," famed for throwing the best parties in town. Despite her complete lack of experience, she is tapped as ambassador to the tiniest country in Europe, the Grand Duchy of Lichtenburg. The young press attaché Kenneth Gibson accompanies her as her aide. Sally is disappointed to find that Lichtenburg's foreign minister, Cosmo Constantine, is a formal and standoffish person who refuses to accept America's offer of foreign aid. She hatches a plot to get Cosmo promoted to the office of Prime Minister, thinking that he can be replaced by a foreign minister more open to her American manners and way of thinking. Meanwhile, Kenneth meets the Princess Maria, daughter of the Duke and Duchess. Her parents are planning to marry her to a wealthy suitor whose fortune will help the Duchy financially. Despite the fact that she is forbidden to speak to commoners, the Princess and Kenneth fall in love.

Cosmo learns of Sally's plans for him and resigns his position, opening the way for the country's first general election in twenty years. Sally openly campaigns for Cosmo to become Prime Minister, and is recalled to Washington for interfering in another country's internal affairs. However, the spirit of democracy has awakened in Lichtenburg: Cosmo is elected Prime Minister and the Duke and Duchess grant permimssion for Maria and Kenneth to marry.

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Call Me Madam the Musical Lyrics

Mrs. Sally Adams
The Hostess With the Mostes' on the Ball
Washington Square Dance
Can You Use Any Money Today?
Marrying For Love
The Ocarina
It's a Lovely Day Today
The Best Thing for You (Would Be Me)
Something To Dance About
Once Upon a Time Today
They Like Ike
You're Just in Love