Bridgerton the Musical - Ocean Away (Daphne's Song) Lyrics

2021 TikTok
Bridgerton the Musical on TikTok - Ocean Away (Daphne's Song) Lyrics

Written by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear.

What a beautiful party,
I’m looking up at the ceiling a lot.
The chandelier is so sparkly…
You never said sorry
Guess you forgot or
Maybe you’re not sorry at all
But a beautiful evening
I want to know just what the hell are you drinking?
Stoic, emotionless, over us all so… quickly
What am I missing?
I can’t even drink champagne.
No, without seeing your face…
Am I the one to blame?
When we’re dancing in the same room, but you’re an ocean away.

What a terrible soirée
With terrible people pretending they’re happy
In this masquerade
We go through the motions
When all that we wish is escape
From the choices we make
And I see her smiling
How can she be smiling?
There’s been no reconciling
And when she’s at my focus
She won’t even notice my gaze
How can she be okay?
When I can’t even drink champagne
Without seeing your face
Am I the one to blame?
When we’re dancing in the same room
But you’re an ocean away

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Ocean Away (Daphne's Song) Lyrics Bridgerton the Musical