Tuck Everlasting - Time Lyrics

A New Broadway Musical (2016)
Tuck Everlasting the Musical - Time Lyrics

"Time" is a song from the musical 'Tuck Everlasting' performed by Robert Lenzi (Miles) and Sarah Charles Lewis (Winnie).

I had a farm house with a grandfather clock
Where I would teach time to my son
Our lessons began at twelve o'clock sharp
When the hands would come in as one

I'd say the big hand counts minutes
It's so tightly wound
It chases the small hand
To make hours go round

I taught Thomas constellations in the sky
To tell a silver maple from a cotton wood
I taught Thomas to divide and multiply
But one he never understood was time

As I watched him grow, time
He would never know time
For my regret resides time
If I only knew the what and how and who
That time truly divides

There was a farmhouse with a grandfather clock
Where one day I woke up alone
They feared I was magic
They feared I was cursed
But mostly they feared the unknown

The big hands the father
The small hands the son
And there never came a time
When they came back as one

I taught Thomas how to catch a firefly
How to make a pebble skip and rowboat skim
She took Thomas and never said goodbye
The one thing I could never give to him

Was time, time
I'm left with nothing
Nothing but time

Miles, I don't have a father anymore

You don't?

No. But i will always love him. For the rest of my life.
And I promise Thomas will love you for the rest of his.

[Thanks to Matt for lyrics]

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Time lyrics from Tuck Everlasting musical

Tuck Everlasting the Musical Lyrics

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