The Prince of Egypt - Faster Lyrics

2020 West End
The Prince of Egypt the Musical - Faster Lyrics

Yah! Wheels of the chariot spinning
Barreling down from the ledge
We know the best way of winning
Is getting close to the edge (Woah!)

Watching me pulling away at the front
All to prove to you I'm your master
There's only one thing that’s better than going so fast
And that's going faster

C'mon, you fools, you're horses not mules
You’ve got to go even faster

Thundering into the market, on a magnificent steed
Since there is nowhere to park it
Might as well pick up some speed (Whoops!)
Scattering melons and olives and baskets
And making a small disaster
No time to turn and look back at the damage we've done
We've got to go faster

Praise to Ptah
(Praise to Ptah)
God of creation, we submit to your laws (Praise to Ptah)
The land of Egypt is fixed in your command

Eternal, unchanging
Protect us from disruption
Chaos and woe

Disruption, chaos and... woah!

You almost toppled the statue

You nearly ran over a priest

Dodging the things that come at you
Quick as the wind from the east

Hard to avoid coming close
To a crash as you nearly knock down the pilaster
Look! the gates are ahead and the race will be done!
Got to go faster! Faster!
Faster! Faster! Faster!

BOTH: (spoken)
I won!

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Faster Lyrics The Prince of Egypt musical