Miss You Like Hell - Sundays Lyrics

2018 Off-Broadway
Miss You Like Hell the Musical - Sundays Lyrics

Gizel Jiménez performing "Sundays" from the new musical MISS YOU LIKE HELL.

Sundays, the museum was free
We'd go, just mom and me
Holding on to her hand at the top of the stairs
Sundays, see Prometheus bound,
Right there, his liver ripped out
Talons dig in
Torture and skin
Sundays, our visit was through
Sundays, in the afternoon
Sundays, again and again

I'm a motherless girl
I survive on my own
It is who I am right down to the bone
Same as the painting
The sickening glow
The terrible canvas
The horror I know
Sundays, my hole in the world
Sundays, my negative space
Sundays, I remember that girl
Sundays, again and again
Sundays, what does Prometheus mean
In some ways, I wish that I'd never seen Sundays

She's my negative space,
She's my hole in the world
The echoing empty of a motherless girl
In all of the ways,
She is a ghost

But I remember Saturdays,
Her weekend visits
The way she scooped me in her arms
Time seemed infinite
Our silly little dances and how we'd sway
The nonsense rhymes we'd love to say
I buried my face into her skin
And breathed her in
Can it happen again


I wish you wished me goodbye and good luck
she's waiting outside, I'm getting into that truck

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