Man in the Mirror (Reprise) Lyrics

2002 Off-Broadway Musical
A Man of No Importance the Musical - Man in the Mirror (Reprise) Lyrics

See a dimly lighted window,
flicker in the gloom…

MAN: (spoken)
He parted his hair down the middle, Mr. Byrne.
That’s it, straight down the middle.

WOMAN: (spoken)
Dab of powder, a little rouge; subtle, subtle.

Life and art converging, in the tiny room…

WOMAN: (spoken)
Someone get him a green carnation.

MAN: (spoken)
He never went out without a green carnation.

MAN: (spoken)
It’s how they know one another,
it’s their signal.

A man in the mirror is combing his hair,

Watching himself as he starts to prepare.

ROBBIE: (spoken)
Here you are, Mr. Byrne.
Just came in down at the flower stalls.
Special, for you.

ALFIE: (spoken)
Me darling boy. Ain’t he a darling boy?

WOMAN: (spoken)
Oh yes, the darlingest boy we ever saw.

WOMAN: (spoken)
What’s his name?

ALFIE: (spoken)
Bosie! Robbie!

Where is my golden love?
(Where is my golden love?)
Where but in musty plays?
Man in the mirror, here you are
(Man in the mirror)
Who can tell you how to what
(Man in the mirror)
Who can tell you
(Man in the mirror)
Man in the mirror

OSCAR WILDE: (spoken)
One fiery-colored moment of great life.
This is your moment, Alfie Byrne.

Man in the mirror,
Standing here
With the hope of the world before you.
Damn their derision,
Do not fear
These anonymous little men.
Alfie, you have a biting wit.

ALFIE: (spoken)
If one tells the truth, one is sure,
sooner or later, to be found out.

And a poet’s heart.

ALFIE: (spoken)
We have lived our lives in the land of dreams.
How sad, it seems.

OSCAR WILDE: (spoken)
The only way to get rid of temptation…

ALFIE (spoken):
Is to yield to it.

[Thanks to Julia Labusch for the lyrics]
[Thanks to Julia Labusch for correction]

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