Mary Poppins the musical - Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2) Lyrics

2006 Broadway
Mary Poppins the Musical - Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2) Lyrics

That is quite enough tommy rot for one day!
Would you please go upstairs and let me get to work!
I might have guessed
The wind is blowing
And it's an easterly, It's bound to bring a chill!
I'm underdressed
I must be going
Fetch my gloves and scarf or I'll be later still
Where's my hat?
He's brushed it with boot polish!

Precision and order
That's all that I ask
The running of a household
A straightforward task
The children, the servants
They're all your domain

Whilst I remain the sovereign
Mind you use your day well.

You remain the sovereign

I shall be home at six o'clock sharp.

He remains the sovereign
Of Cherry Tree Lane.

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Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2) lyrics from Mary Poppins the musical