Hamilton - What Comes Next Lyrics

Broadway musical (2015)
Hamilton the Musical - What Comes Next Lyrics

"What Comes Next" is a song from the Broadway musical Hamilton performed by Jonathan Groff (King George).

They say,
The price of my war is not a price that they are willing to pay
You cheat with the French
Now I am fighting with France and with Spain
I am so blue
I thought that we made an arrangement when you went away
You were mine to subdue
Well, even despite our estrangement
I got a small query for yooouu
What comes next?
You've been freed
Do you know how hard it is to lead?
You're on your own
Do you have a clue what happens now?
Oceans rise
Empires fall
It's much harder when it's all your call
All alone
Across the sea
When your people say they hate you
Don't come crawling back to me
Da da da da da
Da da da da daye da
Da da da da daye da
You're on your own...

[Thanks to Tallouza, Sandy for lyrics]

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