Guava Island - PLOT

2019 American musical film
Guava Island - PLOT

An animated folk tale narrated by Kofi Novia introduces the origins of Guava Island and the music played by Deni Maroon, a local celebrity who lives with Kofi. She wakes up to Deni playing a tune on his guitar. He rushes out of their house and is greeted by many passersby on the street on his way to work; Deni is holding a music festival that the whole town is looking forward to. He is mugged by a group of kids he knows and he convinces them not to rob him by promising them seats up front at the festival.

Kofi works in a factory as a seamstress with Yara while Deni works for Red Cargo, owned by a despotic business magnate named Red who employs most of the people on the island. While at work, an employee details what he would do if he were able to emigrate to America, which Deni dismisses as ignorant ("This Is America"). Deni is kidnapped and taken to Red's office. Red bribes Deni into canceling his festival so that it will not interrupt productivity the next day. When Deni questions his power, Red destroys his guitar.

He returns to Kofi, who asks him about his injury and his guitar's absence. Deni brushes off her inquiry, instead serenading her with the song he had promised to write since they were children ("Summertime Magic"). Deni suddenly has to go. Later at work, Kofi tells Yara that she is reluctant to tell Deni that she is pregnant because of his free-spirited lifestyle.

Inspired by two children, Zoila and Mapi ("Time"), Deni performs on the radio again and announces that he will be at the festival ("Feels Like Summer"). Kofi is ambushed by Red while both look for Deni; Red asks Kofi to tell him to break a leg. Deni starts the festival late and performs a song dedicated to Zoila and Mapi ("Saturday"). Kofi spots a masked gunman just before he opens fire on the stage. Deni escapes into an alleyway, but the gunman finds and assassinates him.

Red is pleased, but then he discovers that all of his employees have left work to attend a joyous blue-themed memorial for Deni ("Die with You"); Kofi tells Red that they all finally "got their day". In an epilogue, Kofi starts telling her child a story about how dreams come true.

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Die With You