Salome Lyrics

1943 American musical comedy film
Du Barry Was a Lady - Salome Lyrics

(music by Roger Edens, lyrics by E.Y. Harburg)

Let's go back two thousand
Years or more, perchance
Before Delilah, before Godiva
Before Gypsy Rose Lee was alive-a!
Way way back,
Before they ever heard of oomph girls!

At that time there lived a dame who did her dance
Without a bubble that blew to smidgens
Without a fan or without a flock of pigeons
Way way back before the Greeks
Had a word for oomph girls!

With seven veils,
She wowed the males
And made the hall of fame;
And this modern swing
And stuff and thing
All dates back to this day!

Salome was the grandma of them all
She had the stuff that makes your motor stall!
This babe took Babylon by storm
And handed down that magic form
You'll know that takes
the wallflowers off the wall!

Yes, they swing and sway
Shimmy shammy, but they show me
No matter how ya slice it, boy
It's still - Salome!

On Samson and Delilah,
Here's a tip;
She got her man,
But with no barber's clip!
She merely went into her dance
The day she found him with his pants
Her unit and her blitzkrieg was a pip!

Yes, it's box office
Minsky gives them a diplomey
But no matter how ya slice it, boy
It's still - Salome!

You can slice it thick,
You can slice it thin
Or you needn't slice it at all!
You can cut it long
You can cut it short
You can hang it up on the wall!
But when they claim it's somethin' new
It really doesn't throw me
For no matter how ya slice it
It still comes out Salome!

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