Call Me Madam - Marrying For Love Lyrics

1950 Broadway
Call Me Madam the Musical - Marrying For Love Lyrics

The song is written by Irving Berlin.

Ten generations of Constantins
Lived very comfortable lives
They were contented to live in style
Supported by their wives
Daughters of men who were wealthy
Fitted them like a glove
They all married for money
I mean to marry for love

It's an old-fashioned idea,
Marrying for love
And that old-fashioned idea's
What I'm thinking of

Where there's love, poets have said
Two can live as one
That's an old-fashioned idea
But it's being done

If she must have gold,
Let it be in her hair
Rubies, let them be in her lips
Diamonds, let them shine in her eyes

Just an old-fashioned romance with a moon above
A romance, one that will end marrying for love
That's the kind of love
That I'm thinking of

That's the kind of love
That I'm thinking of

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Call Me Madam the Musical Lyrics

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