Brigadoon - From This Day On Lyrics

2017 New York
Lerner & Loewe's BRIGADOON the Musical - From This Day On Lyrics

Dinna ye know, Tommy, that ye're all I'm livin' for?
So how can ye go, Tommy,
When I'll need ye more an' more?

TOMMY: (spoken)
No, Fiona. You won't remember that way.
And neither will I.
You and the world we knew will glow,
Till my life is through;
For you're part of me from this day on.
And someday if I should love,
It's you I'll be dreaming of,
For you're all I'll see from this day on.
These hurried hours were all the life we could share.
Still, I will go with not a tear,
Just a prayer
That when we are far apart,
You'll find something from your heart
Has gone! Gone with me from this day on.
You see? We mustn't be sorry about anything.

FIONA: (spoken)
I'm not. In fact, I shouldna be surprised
If I'll be less lonely now than I was afore ye came.
I think real loneliness is no' bein' in love in vain,
But no' bein' in love at all.

TOMMY: (spoken)
But it'll fade in time.

FIONA: (spoken)
No. It winna do that.
Through all the years to come,
An' through all the tears to come,
I know I'll be yours from this day on.

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From This Day On Lyrics from Brigadoon the Musical

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