Bonnie & Clyde - This Never Happened Before Lyrics

The Broadway Musical
Bonnie & Clyde the Musical - This Never Happened Before Lyrics

Feel sorta clumsy
I guess I'm rusty
Ain't done this since God knows when
It may take some little time, babe
'Til I raise hell again

Just hold me, darlin'
That's all I'm needin'
You ain't got nothin' to prove
Just lyin' with you is perfect
We'll spoil it if we move

I ain't been sleepin' too good for a while
But I'll soon be old lover boy Clyde

Don't worry...
Let's take it slow, babe,
One night at a time
Just stayin' close will keep me satisfied
Think I'm in heaven

Feel that way too, babe
This night should have been
So much more

I told you...
Bein' with you is enough, babe

This never happened before...
This never happened before...

[Thanks to Mary for lyrics]

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This Never Happened Before Lyrics Bonnie & Clyde Musical

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