Aladdin the Musical - Proud of Your Boy (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway musical (2013)
Aladdin the Musical - Proud of Your Boy (Reprise) Lyrics

Tell the truth, lose the princess.
Keep the princess, live a lie…..

I know that I...
Was a louse
And a loafer...
You won't get a fight,
I agree...

I was a gold brick,
A goof-off, no good
So how did this happen to me?

Proud of your boy...
I hope your proud of your boy...

Cause' I don't feel any taller
Or smarter
Or handsome or wise...

And now I know what I have to do...
How can I be a prince? When it isn't true!

So I will try to, try hard
To make you proud

Of your boy...

[Thanks to Alice for lyrics]
[Thanks to Beth Taylor for corrections]

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