The Who's Tommy - Eyesight to the Blind Lyrics

1993 Broadway
The Who's Tommy the Musical - Eyesight to the Blind Lyrics

The front door of 22 Heathfield Gardens appears
as the disheartened Walkers
lead Tommy down the street.
Mr. Walker puts his key in the door
and lets Mrs. Walker and Tommy enter,
while he remains at the doorstep
and takes out a package of cigarettes.
He is clearly upset.
The Hawker glides down the street,
glances through the window
and nods at a not yet visible companion.
A rather unsavory-looking character,
he arrives at Mr. Walker's side in time to light up his cigarette.
While Mr. Walker smokes,
the Hawker begins to sing "Eyesight to the blind"
and pulls out photographs of his woman,
which he shows to Mr. Walker.
His proposition is clear and Mr.
Walker is dubious.
The Hawker's companion appears down the street,
playing wailing riffs on his harmonica.
Mr. Walker is now somewhat amused
and looks at the photographs again with interest
at the prospect of a woman who could cure his son.
After some hesitation,
he goes inside and rushes Tommy out of the house.
Mrs. Walker appears at the door
and seems to be about to stop them
but then thinks better
of it and stands watching them go.
Mr. Walker and Tommy follow the two men through a heavily industrial,
urban London landscape.
The Hawker continues to sing as he leads them
to a godforsaken back alley where aggressive hookers
and filthy derelicts couch around fires buring in oil drums.
A group of thugs is gathered around a manhole on a circle of tires while,
in the background, drunks sip at cheap beer and rubbing alchohol.
Despite the surroundings, Mr Walker,
who is at his wit's end about his son,
is eager to meet the woman he's been told has
"got the power to heal"

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The Who's Tommy Eyesight to the Blind Lyrics