The Who's Tommy - Sally Simpson's Question Lyrics

1993 Broadway
The Who's Tommy the Musical - Sally Simpson's Question Lyrics

How can we share the great sights you are seeing?
Hear all the glorious music you hear?

(Sally waits for Tommy to answer;
he just shakes his head)

How can we be a small part of your being?
Why do you seem so alive when you're near?

(Tommy doesn't answer.)

SALLY: (spoken)
Tell us. Tell us now. How can we be more like you?

Why would you want to be more like me?
For fifteen years I was waiting for what you've already got.

What's that?

All this. In my dreams I was seeing it,
hearing it, feeling it. Those are
the true miracles and you have them already.

I don't understand.

The point is not for you to be more like me.
The point is...I'm finally more like you.
I can't be who you want me to be.

(The crowd of reporters, guards
and the family are all asking a confusion of questions.
Tommy looks around him and stands up impatiently,
to address the camera and the crowd.)

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The Who's Tommy Sally Simpson's Question Lyrics