War Paint the Musical - Back on Top Lyrics

Broadway 2017
WAR PAINT the Musical - Back on Top Lyrics

"Back on Top" is a song from WAR PAINT the musical performed by Patti LuPone (Helena).

HELENA (spoken):
It's so wonderful to be back in Manhattan!

HELENA (sung):
The daily press is here to meet my boat
There simply are no words, and you may quote
America, your wait is through!
At this, my new New York debut
I cannot wait to reinstate my shop
Back on top!

HARRY (spoken):
Why it's wicked, you opening up your new salon right down the street from Elizab-

HELENA (spoken):
That name is verboten.

HARRY (spoken):
The 'American Beauty Rose'?

HELENA (spoken):
You know what every garden needs, Harry? A little wandering Jew.

HELENA (sung):
The sad fact is that Europe's gone insane
To add to this, I have such family strain
My sons don't call, my husband cheats
Now they can pay their own receipts
I'm back on top!

Up high
In Bauhaus lettering am I
So modern you could die!
The stainless steel, the chic decor
Black terrazzo on the floor
Top to bottom glamour I supply

The lucky thing before the Wall Street crash
My intuition told me, 'take the cash!'
Then I sold out, made a mint
But I like more my name in print
Right back on top!

The skin
I chart from hairline down to chin
Find out which group you're in:
The normal, dry, or oily zone
Flaky, dry, or blemish-prone
Beauty, science
Like it's never been!

The face of progress overtakes the past
The constant change of life comes fierce and fast
And speaking of your change of life:
Your men won't seek a younger wife
With epidermal firming créme
Your timeless youth will dazzle them
A month from now they'll stand in line
And dammit!
You'll see Rubinstein is back on

I'm back!

War Paint the musical Back on Top lyrics

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Back on Top lyrics from War Paint the Musical