War Paint the Musical - Better Yourself Lyrics

Broadway 2017
WAR PAINT the Musical - Better Yourself Lyrics

"Better Yourself" is a song from WAR PAINT the musical performed by Christine Ebersole as Elizabeth Arden.



You have the power to reinvent yourself and become anything you'd like to be.
The first step? Your appearance.


Look at your face
See your mistake
Not an enticing effect to be icing your face like a cake

Liable to smudge the collar of a man
Young lady
Better yourself to be the best that you can

Look at your dress
Quite a design
Waving your asset in public is tacit to wearing a sign:
'Open for business, taking checks or cash'
But once you better yourself
You won't be taken for trash

You can look as la-dee-da
As any heiress with a rich papa
You just convey that certain
Je ne sais quoi


Now if you'll excuse me, I've mountains to climb!


Poor little kid
Wanting in charm
You know the kind as demure and refined as a fire alarm
Somehow she makes me cry beneath my smile

Of course I've met her myself
That young go-getter; myself
And maybe better myself
Before I bettered myself
With all this style

[Thanks to Hunter Hawkins for lyrics]

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Better Yourself lyrics from War Paint the Musical