War Paint the Musical - Now You Know Lyrics

Broadway 2017
WAR PAINT the Musical - Now You Know Lyrics

"Now You Know" is a song from WAR PAINT the musical performed by Patti LuPone as Helena Rubinstein.

Now you know
Fine lady
Now I hope you know
How it feels to find yourself outside

I too am called a nouveau riche pretender
The Jew's application gets 'Return to Sender'

Live and learn
Dear lady
Now enjoy your turn
Barred from places I have been denied
For now you know how far
From one of them you are
And now I know how much it wounds your pride

You may fairer than me
A good deal blonder than me
But socially they value you no fonder than me

You think you've made the grade
You think you've earned the win
But when you try to join the club
Guess who's not getting in
Not getting in


Not that this brings us closer than it ever did
Not that I feel some kinship that I never did

Now you see
Great lady
How it's been for me
Some circles are restricted to you too

A woman scales the wall
Climbs high above them all
And oh what gates of hell they put her through

So now we know
God help us all, we know
The way that life can twist the knife
In you

[Thanks to Hunter Hawkins for lyrics]

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Now You Know lyrics from War Paint the Musical