War Paint the Musical - Beauty in the World Lyrics

Broadway 2017
WAR PAINT the Musical - Beauty in the World Lyrics

"Beauty in the World" is a song from WAR PAINT the musical performed by Patti LuPone (Helena) and Christine Ebersole (Elizabeth).

Helena (spoken)
Nobody else remembers, do they?

Elizabeth (spoken)
Remembers what?

Back when there was beauty in the world
Women had such elegance and grace
Fashion came and fashion went
Inner style was permanent
At least
When there was beauty in the world

Long before the circus came to town
Every woman's drama was her face
Eyes that glittered like a gem
The lovers we bewitched with them
Back then
When there was beauty in the world

Taste and poise
Were universal

Now it's noise

A dress rehearsal

Gone the past
The age of everlas-
ting beauty in the world

Helena (spoken)
So, tell me: you think it's good, this lipstick?

You're asking me?

I want a useful opinion, who else am I to ask?

Very well then - it congeals.

What? Congeals? No. You wear it too thick. Hold still. ...
With a product of quality you have to know how to apply it.
No clod - a thin layer with a deft hand. It's a pity, eh?


Helena (spoken)
With your pretty pink pots and my creme - we might have ruled the world.

Elizabeth (sung)
Now we stand
Among the many

Grains of sand
The same as any

Strange with you
I see it all again
Like new
A glimpse of beau-
ty in the world

Time plays funny tricks on you and me
I never dreamed
we would be standing here so near the end

My lifelong foe

My never friend

Perhaps we helped each other to survive
and thrive,
uphold the flame of yesterday
Let's let the chips fall where they may for willing day
For two who knew true beauty in the world

[Thanks to kathraven for lyrics]
[Thanks to Mark for corrections]

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Beauty in the World lyrics from War Paint the Musical