Take Me Along - Staying Young (Reprise) Lyrics

1959 Broadway
Take Me Along the Musical - Staying Young (Reprise) Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Bob Merrill.

The Moon has a few new wrinkles
It shines a bit more silver now than gold
I'm stayin' young, I'm stayin' young
But everything around me's growin' old

The house has the creaks and trembles
And winter leaves her shiverin' from cold
I'm stayin' young, I'm stayin' young
It's wonderful the way I hold my own
When everything surrounding me has grown so old

My Wife, she's gettin' old
I watch her when she walks and I feel a little ache
It really is amazing all the changes time can make
She asks me every day, "Is my hair getting grey?"
And I look, but just a bit beyond
And I say, "Hah, not grey, Dear, it's blonde"

I seek not for praise, but I have some days
When I look so young and sporty
I get looks from girls, from sweet things in curls
Some of them as young as forty

When I meet some friend or neighbour
I say it out of common decency
I always say, "Why, you ain't changed a day"
And then I have to laugh if they agree
'Cause everybody else is growin' old.......like me!

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