Goodbye, My Love lyrics - Marin Mazzie

2019 Tony Award Season
Marin Mazzie - Goodbye, My Love Lyrics

"Goodbye My Love" is a song from musical Ragtime performed by Marin Mazzie.

Goodbye my love.
God bless you.
And I suppose,
Bless America, too.
You have places to discover,
Oceans to conquer,
You need to know
I'll be there at the window
While you go on your way.
I accept that.
But, what of the people
Who stay where they're out,
Planted like flowers
with roots underfoot.
I know some of those people
Have hearts that would rather
Go Journeying
On the sea.
Tell me,
What of the people
Whose boudaries chafe,
Who marry so bravely
And end up so safe.
Tell me how to be someone
Whose heart can explore
While still staying here.
Let this be the year
We both travel...
Goodbye, my love
Journey on.

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Marin Mazzie Goodbye My Love Lyrics

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