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A Little Night Music the Musical - Silly People Lyrics

Lie here with me on the grass
Let the wind be our words
As the night smiles down
Don't they knew don't they
No they don't, do they
Silly people, silly people, silly people

Voices glide by let them pass
Let them float in their words
Till they slowly drown
Don't they know, don't they?
What they want
Silly, silly people
Patient and polite
Crying in their teacups
Shying from the night

When now it smiles it smiles for lovers
When next it smiles it smiles for fools
The last it smiles it smiles for them
The others, the remembers
The truly, silly people
Them and us and all

Lie the with me closer still
You can float in my arms
Till we gently drown
Don't they know don't they
What it means dying
Silly people, silly people...
Float and flow
And down we go
To drown

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