Rent - We're Okay Lyrics

1996 Broadway
Rent the Musical - We're Okay Lyrics

Steve? Joanne
The Murget case?
A dismissal! Good work counselor

(The pay phone rings)

We're okay
Honeybear - wait!
I'm on the other phone
Yes, I have the cowbell
We're okay

So tell them we'll sue
But a settlement will do
Sexual harassment -- and civil rights, too
Steve, you're great

No, you cut the paper plate
Didja cheat on Mark a lot, would you say?
We're okay
Honey, hold on...

Steve, hold on...

(She presses call waiting button on cellular phone)
Dad, yes
I beeped you
Maureen is coming to Mother's hearing
We're okay

Honeybear - what?
Newt's lesbian sister?
I'll tell him

You heard?

They heard
We're okay

And to you, Dad

(She presses call waiting as she says into pay phone)
Yes -- Jill is there?

Steve, gotta -

Jill with the short black hair?
The Calvin Klein model?

Steve, gotta go!

The model who lives in Penthouse A???
We're okay

I'm on my way

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We're Okay lyrics from Rent the Musical

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