On the Town - So Long, Baby lyrics

Broadway revival (2014)
On the Town the Musical - So Long, Baby Lyrics

"So Long, Baby" is a song from On the Town the musical performed by Diamond Eddie's Girls.

So long, I'm on the loose again.
So long, I counted up to ten.
Bye, bye, baby - I got wise.
Too long you made a fool of me,
Too long you had me up a tree,
Now you get the booby prize.

So you cry - Boo hoo hoo,
And you feel oh so blue.
It's no use, now that I'm leaving you.
You need a new pal, papa.
So long, I've stood it long enough.
So long, my turn to call your bluff.
So long, baby, I've got wise to you.

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So Long Baby lyrics On the Town musical