Narnia the Musical - Field of Flowers Lyrics

Narnia the Musical - Field of Flowers Lyrics

The song is written by Thomas Tierney & Ted Drachman.

Little sister, no more tears
Though the night is long and dark,
Still the dawn appears
Dearest Lucy, dry your eyes
Yes, the dawn is cold and gray
Still the sun will rise

LUCY: (spoken)
I feel like the sun never will rise again. What can we do?

SUSAN: (spoken)
We can... grieve for him, and honor him, and try to go on.

MR. BEAVER: (spoken)
We must take 'im to the Burial Ground of the Ancient Kings.

LUCY: (spoken)
No! Not to a graveyard...

Lay him in a field of flowers
Let sage and clover become his bed
Lay him in a field of flowers
But sprays of lilac beneath his head
Lucy and Susan:
The willow will weep
The swallow will call
The wind in the trees
Will mourn his fall
Still Spring will fill the fields with flowers,
With lilacs and lilies and all

Bear him as a fallen hero
With solemn honor and dignity
But bear him to a greening meadow
Let spring itself be his eulogy
For spring means rebirth
Though each flower dies
The seeds fall to Earth,
Take root, and rise,
So lay him in a field of flowers
And flowers will bloom where he lies

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