Muriel's Wedding - Girls Like Us Lyrics

2017 Sydney
Muriel's Wedding the Musical - Girls Like Us Lyrics

Girls like us don't care what the others think
Don't care what our mothers think
Girls like us don't mind kicking up a stink
Oi, pour me up another drink
Girls like us, you know
Good girls don't make history
So strap in and stick with me, what do you say?
Do you wanna partay
With me?
Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm

Girls like us don't care what the others think

Don't care what our mothers think
Girls like us

Are bad in all the good ways
I know, I know, I know
You're getting married, condolences
Of course you must blow off some steam
Girls like us should make a scene
What do you say?
Forget the fiancé

MURIEL: (spoken)
Remember Tania Degano? She got married, to Chook

RHONDA: (spoken)
To what?

MURIEL: (spoken)
To Chook. Peter Vernell

RHONDA: (spoken)
Oh, I remember Tania Degano. What an arsehole

RHONDA: (sung)
Girls like that made my life a misery
God, the frickin' bitchery
Girls like that, urgh, Tania and her coterie
Swore that I would never be a girl like that
You know, do you ever dream about
What you'd say if you saw them now?

MURIEL: (spoken)
I do see them now. They're over there

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Girls Like Us lyrics from Muriel's Wedding the musical

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