I Could Be Jewish For You Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Nikko Benson
I Could Be Jewish For You Lyrics


I should've known when I met you
By the orthodox, synagogue
I should've known when I saw you
Buying extra lox at the bagel shop
I should've known
you're not to blame
I should've seen
We're not the same
Doesn't take an Einstein
You've got the nose,
You've got the name
The name is Stein Stein
I'm not sure what
you want me to do
But I think this is worth
Working through
And I know it's a little bit
Out of the blue
But I might as well try
I think I could be Jewish for you

Like on the holidays
I'll stop making gingerbread
Start making challah
When Hanukah comes
heck I'll light the mandala
Menorah excuse me
If you could just choose me
I'll sing Eidel Diedel not fa la
Yeah, as far culture
I might need a clue
But I'll give it a shot
'Cause I've gotta be Jewish for you

I'll go with you to temple
I'll try to learn Yiddish
I'll start eating kosher
I'll even play quidditch
No, that's not a Jew thing
Well, show me some new things
I won't be the slightest bit skiddish
I'll do it by rote till it feels like it's true
And till I'm verklempt I'll attempt
To be Jewish for you

I mean, I would be Irish or Russian Or French,
But no, Chinese is a bit of a stretch
Just wait even your Rabbi will
Call me a mensch
Did I mention I've been practicing my kvetch
Ohh, I will adapt where the average Girl freezes
'Cause if I have to have the 'Just friends talk'
I'll do it with Jesus
"Sorry Jesus, you're just not my type"

Whatever they are I could learn to like latkes
And if we had sons then
They'd all have bar matsvahs!
BAR MITZVAHS, I'm joking
I promise I know things
Enough not to ruin
Shabbat 'cause
If that's what it takes then that's what I'll do
Please don't run away
And one day I'll be Jewish for you

Tell me, you've never questioned
one holy command
Tell me, don't you think love's
More romantic unplanned
Tell me you're nervous,
We'll start with a service
Just tell me where you stand
Tell me I need you
Tell me in Hebrew
Teach me l'chaim
And horcrux and oi
Just tell me why
Instead of hi
I'll say shalom
Until my hovel, feels like home
But I won't say goodbye
So here's what I propose..

I'll read through the torah
From cover to cover
Till even Moses could see
We were meant for each other
You know I adore you
So let me fight for you
Together we'll take on your mother
It might be a prayer,
but a prayer can come true
I dare you to dare to me
I swear I'll come through
But I'm with you and there
isn't a thing I can't do
So if you're inclined
I won't mind
Being Jewish for youuuuuu!!!