Clubs and Diamonds Lyrics - Murder Ballad

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Murder Ballad the Musical - Clubs and Diamonds Lyrics

I mopped his floors
The doors were locked
Money counted, liquor stocked

He finally turned and looked at me
And offered his apology
Said he was sorry
He never loved me

I'm not erasable
I'm not erasable, I'm not
I'm not erasable

I felt my fingers curl around
This baseball back we kept around
In cases of emergency
when that fuck had turned his back on me

I swung it once, and then once more
I heard a crack, he hit the floor
I knew I should have stopped it then
But that bat kept swinging
Again and again and again and again and again

He was mine and I was his
That's the truth, I swear it is
You don't know what you would do
Until someone erases you

Clubs and diamonds
Spades and heart
Free will and fate both played their parts

He dealt his hands, I played the cards
Trust no one, stay on guard

Six am, the oatmeal done
I get on the computer and pull up the new York post
"unsolved murder at kings club."

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Clubs and Diamonds lyrics from Murder Ballad musical