I Kept Watch Like Doves Lyrics

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Murder Ballad the Musical - I Kept Watch Like Doves Lyrics

You said, and you swore
We were bound in love forever.
Did you really think I'd let you go unscathed?
I don't think so.

I kept watch, like doves,
Spying eyes they found you
camped out on branches
And I saw hands and shirts landed,
So quietly, I picked some evidence up.

I raced back to beat you home
I was sick from it all.
With knotted fists I heard your boot steps
..you were glowin'..
You brought in the mud like nothin's wrong.

Where you been? Don't deny.
Yeah, I'm askin' questions.
Come clean. Don't blink.
I'm warnin' you, her perfume's strong
It's important that you tell the truth to get along.

He kept on with his story
I poured chloroform into his scotch
I held up the belt he'd thought he'd lost
and said "Look at me and own up to what you've done."

He caught a bow to the head,
A sash swayed and he bent
I was aiming for his eyes
'Cause I coud still see them there
Tangled together like trumpy vines.


I let you go, there's still time
You could still get out alive
But hurt turned to rage, and I came unhinged
And I close ranged.
He got it four times.

He splayed out at my feet,
His life pooled all around him
I kneeled down.
I said "Baby look what you made me do
This is forgiveness...
...the only way that I know how to."

Amanda Shires performing I Kept Watch Like Doves song from Murder Ballad the musical

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I Kept Watch Like Doves Murder Ballad Lyrics