Love Story - Jenny's Piano Song Lyrics

2010 West End
Love Story the Musical - Jenny's Piano Song Lyrics

The song is written by Stephen Clark and Howard Goodall.

I’ve always known what lies ahead
Remembered what my papa said
You only reap the harvest that you sow
And all my life I tried my best
Better grades than all the rest
I’ve always been defined by what I know

And once I found that joyous sound
A piano in the music room at school
Just five years old
My heart was sold
The only kid that thought that scales were cool
The only kid that thought that scales were cool

So mama worked, she’d never sleep
Piano lessons don’t come cheap
That’s when I learned a mother’s love is all
She scrimped and (?) and planned and schemed
And when she tucked me in we dreamed
That one day I would play Carnegie Hall

One Christmas Eve, would you believe
A piano stood beside the Christmas tree
The sacrifice my papa made for me

I once was sure I knew the score
Before this "boy meets girl" came into sight
And now this guy is bound to try
To catch my eye but then again, he might
Perhaps the scales can wait for just one night

[Thanks to Cecilia for lyrics]

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Jenny's Piano Song lyrics Love Story the musical

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