Velma's Revenge Lyrics - Hairspray LIVE!

Song from NBC's Hairspray LIVE! (2016)
Hairspray LIVE! - Velma's Revenge Lyrics

"Velma's Revenge" is a song from Hairspray LIVE! performed by Kristin Chenoweth (Velma).

Oh my god
That snake that sings
He's a puppet
But I hold the purse and the strings
I knew Negro Day
Would bring chaos and change
Now he's pushing this pinko
Who might give us all mange

She's a blemish, a blackhead
That must be expelled
There's a standard of beauty
That must be upheld
You can say I'm a bigot
But it just isn't true
Look, I love Sammy Davis
And he's black and a Jew!
But they better get set
For a full-out assault
They should never have boiled
Miss Baltimore Crabs!

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Velma's Revenge song lyrics from Hairspray LIVE!

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