The Great Gatsby - Valley of Ashes Lyrics

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The Great Gatsby the Musical - Valley of Ashes Lyrics

The song is written by Jason Howland and Nathan Tysen.

Good morning dock,
How's the view from up there?
Got me a hunch,
Gonna be a good day.
Keep those spectacles clean!
Keep those eyes wide,
'Cause I've seen them green!
Gotta feeling that sometime this morning,
Good things are rolling my way.
See this dock?!
Little gift for the wife
A few hundred more.
Soon this whole place,
Will be in the review
Gonna get her out west!
Like Ohio where things will be best!
Buy a tract house,
So god be on lookout,
I hear my dream comin' true.
There you go!
Now you know why it's time
To leave the Valley of Ashes!
Where I'm the only attraction
On the way to Manhattan!
Thick as molasses!
You're like the eyes of God!
If God needed glasses....

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