The Great Gatsby - For Better or Worse Lyrics

2024 Broadway
The Great Gatsby the Musical - For Better or Worse Lyrics

The song is written by Jason Howland and Nathan Tysen.

For better or worse
For rich or for poor
My husband has delivered
All the rich but
For the better, I’m not sure

And to learn my solider has returned
It’s a blessing and a curse
Is it for better or for worse

To have and to hold
Til death do us part
So certain that my soldier had been lost
And with him half my heart

I spoke those words to gain security
It was maybe a mistake
And the only choice to make

And so I built a home
Beyond my childhood dreams
I built the perfect place to stay
Locked away

For better or worse
When we came out east
I learned that it is not what feels the best
It is what will hurt the least

When I thought that I would start again
Got the thought out of my head
Had a child with him instead

And so I built a home
Where I can’t run away
And filled it up
With all the reasons I should stay

But now, today
I see an open door at last
That could lead me to a future
That I gave up in the past

I see an open door at last
And I wonder what he’d do
If I walked through

For better or worse
My vows have been made
I’m smart enough to know
I’d lose everything if I ever strayed

All the while my husband has his fun
And the roles do not reverse
It’s for the better
And the worst

I can’t see Jay Gatsby. Ever.
I wouldn’t trust myself.

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