Drag - Out of Your League Lyrics

2022 Studio Cast Recording
Drag: The Musical - Out of Your League Lyrics

The song is written by Alaska Thunderfuck, Ashley Gordon, and Tomas Costanza.

My dear, the problem isn't cash
The issue is your girls have no panache
My kittens pride themselves with grace
Your guppies act as— how do I put this? Blasé
You wear fishnets, we don Capezios
While you make peanuts, we snack on pistachios
I hope my candor serves you well
'Cause your girls don't have a chance in Hell
Clearly, we are really out of your league

Perhaps you've learned some better taste
And by the looks of it, you took the cake
I do applaud you for your bravery
But I can't save you from barbarity
You sing shanties, we perform works of art
I snicker at the thought of being your confidant
My golden standard's going platinum
And darling, I'm spilling the tea
We're very, positively out of your league

Indulgence is a friend of mine
And I've maxed out every credit line
My pride has gotten me this far
And I don't have any regrets, except for her
I'll never make that mistake again

So hurry back, run to your gutter swamp
But, hey, could I borrow that wig?
'Cause I've got some floors to mop
And as for you, I bid adieu
Please send Alexis my best
Karma is a filthy mistress
But that's survival of the fittest
And destiny has proven you're out of your league

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Drag Out of Your League Lyrics

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