Carnival - Her Face Lyrics

1961 Broadway
Carnival the Musical - Her Face Lyrics

The song is written by Bob Merrill.

That’s what I needed
Just what I needed
Someone’s hand reaching out for mine
A helpless thing depending on me
Depending on me to beat its burden
Clothe and feed it
Practically carry it
A grown up girl with the mind of a child
Depending on me
Measuring me
Staring at me
Measuring me…

Everywhere I look I can see her face
I can see her face
See it everywhere
And when I close my eyes it stays
And like a leaf whirls on a wind
Around my mind it plays

If in my two hands I could hold her face
While my fingertips kiss her eyes and lips
And make them love and light and shine
But that would take two other hands, not mine
That would take two other hands, not mine

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