Twelfth Night - Viola's Soliloquy (2nd Reprise) Lyrics

2018 Public Works musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy
Twelfth Night the Musical - Viola's Soliloquy (2nd Reprise) Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Shaina Taub)


My sister, finally!


Why are you dressed like me?

Viola & sebastian:
I thought I’d lost you
And I was lost too

So I wore your shoes
And they made me strong
But now that you’re found
I think I’ve been here all along because
Maybe the man I tried to be is the girl I always was
So disguise, you were the devil’s blessing
You turned a mirror back at me
And for the first time I think I like what I see
Now I can put you back on the shelf
And change into myself

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song Viola's Soliloquy (2nd Reprise) lyrics from Twelfth Night the Musical