She Loves Me - Tango Tragique Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
She Loves Me the Musical - Tango Tragique Lyrics

"Tango Tragique" is a song from Broadway musical SHE LOVES ME performed by Zachary Levi as Georg. The song is written by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock.

I'll tell you of a lonely girl I knew.
Her story, I fear, is tragic to hear.
Nevertheless, it's true.
Her downfall as I now recall began
When her lonely heart's club found her a lonely man.
She sat down and wrote. He answered her note. And now there was no retreat.
Then one autumn day, she called me to say, they felt it was time to meet.
She told him to wear a rose boutanier, so she knew that he was he.
And he was to look for one certain book, inside which a rose would be.
From that day she was never seen around.
We searched high and low, but search as we would, only a trace was found.
Her left leg floating in a local brook.
We never could find the rest of her, or her book!

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