Hook's Waltz Lyrics - Peter Pan

Classic song from NBC's Peter Pan LIve! (2014)
Peter Pan LIVE - Hook's Waltz Lyrics

"Hook's Waltz" is a song from Peter Pan LIVE performed by Christopher Walken (Captain Hook).

I'm the greatest villain of all time!
Who is Blue Beard?
Who is Nero?
Who is Jack the Ripper?
Who's the swiniest swine in world?
(Captain Hook! Captain Hook!)
Who's the dirtiest dog in this wonderful world?
(Captain Hook! Captain Hook!)
Captain of villainy
Madder and loot lout
Eager to kill any
Who says that his hook isn't cute!
(It's cute!)

Slimiest rat in the pack?
(Captain Hook! Captain Hook!)
Who's unlaughable?
Who's unliftable?
Whose existence is quite unforgivable?
Who would stoop to the cheapest and lowest
Of tricks in the book?
(Tricks in the book)
Blame me, slay me,
Captain Hook!

Peter Pan LIVE Lyrics Hook's Waltz

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Hook's Waltz Lyrics Peter Pan LIVE song