Half As Big As Life Lyrics

2010 Broadway revival
Promises, Promises the Musical - Half As Big As Life Lyrics

Did you ever stop, really stop, and take a look
Take a look, take a really good luck at yourself?

I just took a peek, really peeked, to tell the truth
Through my eyes, I don't look so good to myself

Half as big as life, that's me
But that's not the way I always mean to be
Half as big as life, that's small
But deep in my heart I can feel
That I'm ten feet tall - ten feet tall

I know that
Inside of myself there's a man, the kind of man
You would like, if you were just willing to look

I've got lots of dreams
And my dreams will take me far
Very far, a cover is not the whole book

Half as big as life, they say
But they're gonna see how wrong they are
Half as big as life, that's small
But I wasn't born to be looked at
As five feet tall, no, not me

I want a lot
And I know that I'll get it all
Just like someone who's
Twice as big as life

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Half As Big As Life Lyrics from Promises Promises the musical



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