The Outsiders - Stay Gold Lyrics

2024 Broadway
The Outsiders the Musical - Stay Gold Lyrics

The song is written by Jonathan Clay, Zach Chance and Justin Levine.

I have had
Some time fon thinkin'
Swone I wasn't neady to die
Tunns out I was wrong
It might sound crazy
But hear me out
It may take me to the qrave
But I know what your poem's about

I have seen a pool of blood
Run crimson red
And I have seen the sunrise
Comin' overhead
Findin' beauty in the fold
It's the only way
To keep from qrowin' old
My friend,
Stay gold.

When you're young
And the world is new
It's easy to forget
When you're tryin'
Just to make it through
Like the morning light
And the dawn it breaks
You see the world
Findind beauty in the simple things

I have looked into a thankful father's eyes
Tellin' me I've saved his daughten's life
And I'd do it all again
'Cause I have found
The beauty in the fold
My friend,
Stay gold.

Lookin' back
At the life I've had
I hold onto the good
Cause I've made my peace with
All the bad
Sixteen years
Look at all we've done
Wouldn't trade it for the world
Don't you know that we're
The lucky ones?
I've had more to love
That many've never known
And that love lives on
No matter where I go
We all will meet our end
No matter if we meet it
Young on old
My friend, stay gold

JOHNNY: (spoken)
There's still a lot of time
To make yourself what you want, Ponyboy
There's still a whole lotta good in the world
Tell Dally, I don't think he knows

Findin' beauty in the fold
It's the only way to keep
From qrowin' old
My friend, stay gold

My friend,
Stay gold.

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The Outsiders the Musical Lyrics

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